How to Block PNB ATM debit card?

How to Block PNB ATM debit card?

The PNB bank which is commonly also known as the Punjab National bank was founded in 1894 and the bank headquartered in New Delhi, India. The PNB bank is the second largest bank owned by the Government of India.

There are many more facilities given by the PNB bank to their account holder or customer, one of them today we are going to discuss is that how to block PNB ATM debit card?

So before starting to our main topic, you must understand some rules before blocking your ATM or debit card when you can block a PNB ATM debit card the answer is very simple if your ATM card is stolen or lost, destroyed in an accident or somehow?

If the PNB (Punjab countrywide bank) consumer at any factor either loses his/her card, or it is stolen or one feels that the cash inside the account is being fished out by means of a fraudster, the primary thing that they ought to do is make certain that their debit card is blocked.

Visit your nearest PNB branch:

It’s a very easy and good way to block your ATM debit card if your ATM debit card is stolen or misplaced because by using this method you can be secured all your bank account transaction or details.

You just need to go to your nearest PNB bank branch and contact to bank executive and tell them about the incident they will definitely help you out in this scenario.

In sum scenario the bank also suggests you place a police complaint or FIR about your PNB ATM debit card, so be prepared for it.

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How to block PNB ATM debit card offline?

In this article, we are going to discuss the two methods to you, the extra and efficient method we already tell you to visit you nearest PNB branch. You can block PNB ATM debit cards in two offline way, let’s see one by one in the below section:

Block PNB ATM debit card by Send An SMS:

To use this method you must first register your mobile with your bank account and ATM debit card also, after that you need to send the SMS from your registered mobile number.

  • Open your message application
  • Type Massage Hot <Card Number>
  • Send it to 5607040 from your registered mobile number
  • For example, Hot 0329 XXXX XXXX send it to 5607040
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Block PNB ATM debit card by Call at PNB Customer Care Number:

The PNB provides 24X7 customer care services for their account holder, you just call them to tell them about your ATM debit card.

Now, as quickly because the PNB purchaser care executive solutions the phone, proportion the info of your debit card with him/her and solution the questions for validation of your account. 

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once you answer them properly, the card might be blocked straight away. Punjab country-wide financial institution will then ship you a confirmation message that your card has been blocked.

How to block PNB atm debit card online?

In this article, we are going to discuss the two methods with you, by using the above methods you can find out your answer otherwise you can use further methods. You can block PNB ATM debit cards in two online way, let’s see one by one in the below section:

Block PNB ATM debit card by using internet banking:

Account-holders who have activated PNB internet banking providers can block their ATM playing cards online by using logging in to their online banking account. 

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In case you’re the use of on-line banking provider of the bank then follow the stairs mentioned underneath to ATM debit card in PNB bank:

  • Go to the official banking website of Punjab national bank.
  • Pick the private banking account hyperlink. The web page could be redirected.
  • Now, log in to the usage of your Punjab country-wide financial institution username and password.
  • Choose the language of your choice before clicking on the “register” button.
  • The page may be redirected once you’ve got logged in.
  • On the pinnacle bar of your display, click on on the “price added offerings” button.
  • From the drop-down menu, pick out the “debit card hot listing” link.
  • Next, as soon as you have got clicked on that, choose the bank account related to the particular debit card that you desire blocked.
  • That is furnished you have multiple debts with Punjab countrywide financial institution.
  • As soon as you have chosen the account, click on “keep”.
  • An OTP (One-time password) could be ship on your registered mobile wide variety.
  • Input the OTP and click on “verify”.
  • Once you have got done that, your Punjab country-wide bank debit card could be blocked.

Block PNB ATM debit card by using the PNB mobile application:

BY using the simple PNB mobile application you can block your PNB ATM debit card on your fingertip, go to the Google Play store and download the PNB application:

  • Log in to PNB mobile application
  • Click on Debit card or click on Services then tap on debit card option
  • Select the Hotlist Debit card
  • Now select your account number
  • Select the ATM debit card and click on Continue
  • Verify your ATM debit card block request

After using any one method from the above section you need to wait for 24 hours, to block the PNB ATM debit card. 

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