Fincare Small Finance Bank

Fincare Small Finance Bank

The Fincare Small Finance Bank starts its banking journey in 1995, and now the Fincare bank is a well-known bank in the small finance bank sector. The Fincare small finance bank provides many banking products which we will discuss in the following section.

In this guide, we will understand the banking procedure of Fincare Small Finance bank, here we try to cover some topics like Saving & Current account, Fixed & Recurring Deposit, NRI banking, and various loan offers by the fincare bank.

Mr. Rajeev Yadav is the MD & CEO of the Fincare Small Finance Bank, and the most famous Indian chess player Vishwanathan Anand is GM of Fincare Bank.

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Fincare Small Finance Bank Head Quarters:

The Fincare Small Finance Bank was formed by Disha Microfin Limited with the tagline ”A New Era In Smart Banking Begins” as we already told you that Mr. Rajeev is MD & CEO of the bank.

The fincare small finance bank headquarters is current in Bengaluru, Karnataka, the fincare bank have around 700 plus branch network all over India. They plan to expand their reach, the fincare bank is India’s youngest commercial bank.

The fincare bank address:

Floor V, Bren Mercury Kaikondanahalli, Sarjapur Main Road Bengaluru, 560035

Fincare Small Finance Bank Products:

Here we try to explain each and every fincare banking product in short, which helps you to understand quickly, so let us start

  • Saving Account: Like many banks, the fincare bank provides the saving account with up to 7% interest rates, with many unique benefits like smart saver account, priority account, prime savings account, priority plus accounts, pro priority account, and many more.
  • Current Account: The fincare small finance bank offers the customer the flexible current account, the unique current account variants designed with flexible features. Choose the account that best suits your business needs.
  • Fixed Deposit: The bank offers three unique fixed deposits which give benefits to their customer the fixed deposits are smart fixed deposit, Priority Plus fixed deposit, Tax Saver Fixed Deposit, etc.
  • Recurring Deposit: The fincare bank offers recurring deposits on regular investment with attractive interest rates of up to 6.75% with their recurring deposits. The customers can start their investment from Rs. 500/- per month
  • NRI Banking: The Fincare small finance bank provides up to a 6.75% interest rate on NRE and NRO fixed deposits.
  • Micro Finance Loan: The small finance bank is known for its microfinance loans. The fincare bank provides microloans to the customers at very low rates. If the customer wants some loan to bear his business expenses or requirement, they can apply for a fincare bank microloan.

Fincare Small Finance Bank Customer Care Number

The fincare provides 24X7 and 365 days customer care support to their customers to resolve their queries bank related issues, the fincare bank provides the Toll-Free number customer care service,

Customer Care Number: 1800313313

Customer care email ID: [email protected]

For more information can also visit the official site fincare small finance bank website

People also ask:

Is fincare bank approved by RBI?

Yes, the RBI approved the fincare bank under section 22 of the banking regulation act, 1949. The fincare bank was formed from Disha Microfin Private Limited,.

Who is the CEO of fincare small finance bank?

Mr. Rajeev Yadav is MD and CEO of fincare bank

How safe is fincare bank?

The fincare bank gets their final license from the RBI under section 22 of the banking regulation act, 1949 and now the bank is a Scheduled Commercial Bank a status that reflects the highest degree of trust and good governance.

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In this guide, we discussed the fincare small finance bank, we also mentioned the banking products which help the customer to grow their business and wealth.

By using the above methods you can easily apply for the fincare small finance bank, please let us know if you have any queries regarding the article.

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