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The State bank of India provides many banking services as we are already discussed but here we’ll see the helpdesk fastag | sbi fastag customer care. By using customer care service you can resolve all your Fastag related queries like check balance, fastag account statement and many more facilities let’s see step by step:

Previously we check the SBI Fastag recharge by using Google Pay, PhonePe, and Paytm, and you can recharge the SBI fastag by using UPI ID. If you had any SBI Fastag complaints, so there are two accurate methods to file a complaint.

SBI Fastag Customer Care :

The SBI fastag holder can find their solution by contacting the SBI Fastag customer care number, they can check their tag account balance, they can check their fastag status or they can easily find out their fastag is blacklisted or not.

You can just dialĀ 1800-11-0018 then you are connected to the IVR system, and thereby following the proper option you’ll get your answer or you can connect to the Fastag customer care executive. Many this happened that the SBI Fastag holder doesn’t connect to the customer care executive that time you can simply use the following method to contact the Fastag customer care.

SBI Fastag Customer Care email ID:

There are many services and functions provided by the SBI Fastag, sometimes suppose the fastag holder wants to close their account or restart their SBI fastag card that time they have two options they can contact the fastag agent by visiting the SBI bank or they can simply contact the SBI fastag customer care executive by using their email ID.

The fastag account needs to write an email to the SBI fastag at [email protected], the SBI executive notes your request and starts working on it. Sometimes it takes time to get a solution but it is an effective method to get results.

SBI Fastag complaint:

There are many ways to raise the SBI Fastag complaint, the fastag holder can file the complaint by using the customer care number or through the SBI Fastag customer care email ID.

The customer can file or raised their complaint to the sbi fastag agent service providers, the most useful way to file a complaint is you just visit the fastag agent.

The NHAI/IHMCL has launched a 1033 helpline number for addressing FASTag complaints at the toll plaza level. You connect the IVR system you just need to choose the write option to file SBI fastag complaint.


How do I contact FASTag customer care?

There are three ways to contact the SBI FASTag customer care, you can contact the sbi fastag agent, or may call the SBI fastag customer care number, and the remaining option is to contact the fastag customer care through email.

How can I complain to SBI FASTag?

The effective way to file a complaint to SBI FASTag, you just to visit the sbi fastag agent service providers and tell them what issue you are facing and what is the best & quickest solution for it. They definitely give you the instant solution to resolve your problem.

Why my SBI FASTag is not working?

There could be any reason which your SBI FASTag is not working that time you can call the customer care executive to raise a complaint or to find a solution for it. But the easiest way at that time is should pay the toll in cash, by letter or sooner you’ll find a satisfying answer from the customer care executive.

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In this guide, we discussed SBI Fastag Customer Care | Helpdesk Fastag, there we mention requiring things that help you to contact the customer care executive. We try to mention the offline/online methods for you, if you have internet access then you can mail the customer care.

By using the above methods you easily find out the SBI FASTag customer care number, please let us know if you have any queries regarding the article.

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