SBI Account Closure Simple Method


SBI Account Closure Simple Method

In this guide, we will see the SBI account closure method, there is only an offline method to close the SBI bank account. By using this method you can close the State Bank of India account without any problem if you fulfill the below requirements.

State Bank of India is the largest multi-state and multinational public sector bank in India, SBI has around 22,141 branches all over the world. The State Bank Of India is the 43rd largest bank in the world, the SBI offers many banking and financial services to their customers if you don’t like the services they offer you then you can close their SBI account.

Requirement for SBI Account Closure:

There are a few basic requirements that you must complete before closing your bank account:

  • Firstly you must take the bank statement of your SBI account
  • You must cancel or close EWS services linked to your bank account
  • Make sure your bank account should be zero before closing
  • Clear all debt related to your bank account

If you clear all the requirements, you can easily close your SBI account, now let us see the procedure for how to close an SBI account? we are here to discuss the offline method for SBI account closure.

Their lots of people also search for the procedure or methods for SBI account number search, this guide is for those people or SBI bank customers who forget their SBI account number.

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Offline method for SBI Account Closure:

There is only one method to close the SBI account, that you visit your SBI’s home branch along with your SBI Account Closure form with the letter which addresses the bank manager.

From the below link, you can download the Closure Form, after that, you have to take a printout of that form then fill the form carefully. You need to fill the form properly and submit the Closure form along with the letter to your home branch. Fill the form in BLOCK LETTERS in English with the following details:

  • Your SBI Bank Account Number
  • Mentioned Closure Initiated by: BO, DP, CDSL
  • Account Holder’s Details like:
    • Account holder’s name
    • Signature (signature of all joint account holders)
    • Address detail: CITY, STATE & PIN CODE
    • Reason for closing the account
  • Fill in your bank account related information

After filling the account closure form you have to submit the form to your home branch with your corresponding address proof, at that time you have to return the Passbook, Cheque book, and your ATM/debit card which is related to your bank account.

SBI Account Closing Form 2020-2021 pdf

After submitting the Closure form with your bank passbook, checkbook & debit card, and letter, the bank officer verifies all your provided details are correct or not if they found all the information is correct they start the account closing procedure which could take 7 to 10 working days.

After closing the account you received the verification message to your registered mobile number and email ID that your SBI bank account is successfully closed.

SBI Account Closure Charges

Yes if you close the SBI account then you have to pay some charges to the bank. As per the State Bank of India’s account closing policy, if the SBI account holder closes his account with 14 days of newly opening bank account then he or she does not pay any single penny to the bank, but after 14 days up to 1 year, the SBI account holder need to pay Rs. 500/- including GST.

If the SBI bank customer wants to close his Saving Account then there will be no charges for him, he or she can easily close their account by filling the Closure Form along with the letter.

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How to close an SBI account without visiting the home branch?

There is no such method or procedure which allows you to close your SBI account without visiting the home branch and also there is no online method for SBI account closure. But in some rare cases, the SBI bank executive comes home and complete all the procedure for closing the account.

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In this guide, we understand there is only one offline method to close the SBI bank account in which you have to complete all the procedures like fill the closure form correctly, hand over your bank passbook, checkbook & debit card, and letter. Also, you have to provide your corresponding address to the bank.

After completing the procedure you have to pay some charges to the bank as per their rule and policy, let us know if you have any queries regarding SBI account closure.

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