How to Close AXIS Bank Credit Card?

 How to Close AXIS Bank Credit Card?

How to Close AXIS Bank Credit Card?

The Credit Card is also known as Plastic Money. In this fast-growing world, the use of credit cards is also growing fast. In the United States Of America, there almost 75% of American households owning a credit card; it is easy to think that everyday credit card usage is a way of life. In India, according to the latest value from 2017, there are only 3% of people who’s aged is 15+ have a credit card.

Generally, the Axis Bank Credit Card comes with six different categories, such as Travel, Reward, Cashback, Shopping, Movie and Entertainment, Fuel, and Premium Credit Card.

Many more Indians like to spend money, but few don’t like wasting their money; many customers want to change their credit card with another or want to close or cancel their axis bank credit card. There is very common to locate the AXIS bank, so people search that  Axis bank near me.

Let’s start our article How to close Axis Bank Credit card? one more important thing before closing the Credit Cardholder must consider the following few points:

  • Before starting the axis bank credit card closing process, the cardholder must clear all outstanding, pending loans, EMI facilities, and other charges.
  • Before requesting closure the cardholder must redeem his or her reward points that exist on the credit card.

How to close Axis bank credit card?

We hope you already read and understand the above mention two important points before requesting to close a Credit card. Let’s see the procedure to close an Axis Bank Credit Card:

  • To close the credit card the cardholder can write or send a mail to the Axis bank executives to close their credit card. The cardholder must send a mail to the bank authority to close their credit card by sending them a mail on the mail ID’s: [email protected] or [email protected]
  • To close a credit card the customer or cardholder need to call the axis bank customer care services to cancel or close their credit card membership with the bank, the customer care numbers are as follows:
    • 18002335577
    • 18002095577
    • 18001035577

By using these two methods, you can close your Axis Bank Credit Card membership; please stay tuned with us for more information:

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How to block your credit card?

Four different ways can help you to block your credit card; we are going to discuss them one by one:

  • Block Axis Bank Credit Card through SMS:
    • Send an SMS to 5676782 from your registered number
    • e.g. BLOCK XXXX (last four digits of your credit card number)
  • Block Axis Bank Credit Card through Call:
    • Call Axis bank customer care the bank executives will assist you to block your credit card
      • 18604195555
      • 18605005555
  • Block Axis Bank Credit Card through Mobile App:
    • Go to banking select the Services option then choose the Credit Card then select the Block & Replace Card option
  • Block Axis Bank Credit Card through Internet Banking:
    • Log in to internet banking Go to the Account section then select the My Card and then choose more services.

By using these four simple methods you can block your credit card without having any issues.

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Axis bank credit card login registration:

This procedure is for the existing customer of Axis bank, the cardholder needs to visit the Axis Bank and has to log in with his login ID and Password. Follow the steps for Axis Bank credit card login registration:

  • Click on Account then scroll down and select the My Credit Card option
  • Now you can see Click here to link your Credit Card Account to your Internet Banking ID option
  • The cardholder now fill all his or her credit card details, mobile number, and email ID with their Axis bank Saving Account Number, then click on the Submit button
  • The cardholder receives the confirmation OTP on his or her registered mobile number with your credit card and Axis bank Saving Account.
  • Once they receive the OTP, they will have to use it to authorize the process.
  • A confirmation message will be displayed on the screen, acknowledging their application request.

By using these steps the Axis bank credit card holder can register Axis Bank Credit Card for Net Banking.

Axis Bank Credit Card Payment:

There are many ways to pay your Axis bank credit card bill but we are going to discuss the easiest and safest way for you, so too know the details stay with us:

  • Open the Axis Mobile App and login with your mPIN or biometric ID
  • You can see the dashboard now you have to choose the Credit Card option then you can see how much amount you have to pay to click on the > this icon
  • Now the credit card dashboard open here then you have to click on the Pay Last Bill option, now in a new window, you can see the bill amount.
  • Click on Pay Now option
  • You will get the Confirmation message then click on the Confirm option, now by entering your Axis Mobile App mPIN you will successfully pay the Axis Bank Credit Card Payment.

Axis Bank Credit Card Statement:

There are four ways by using them the axis bank credit cardholder can access their credit card statement, so let’s see one by one:

  • Online request for Credit Card Statements:
    • Enter Credit Card Details:
      • Enter the credit card number
      • Enter cardholder name
      • Date of birth (dd-mm-yyyy)
      • Card Validity Date (mm-yy)
    • Click on the Get Statement button

  • Axis Bank Credit Card Statement through mail:

If you are the axis bank credit card holder and you registered your mobile number and email address with your credit card and Axis bank Saving account then and only you will receive the credit card details on your mail ID.

To open these axis bank credit cards you need the password to open the PDF format file of your credit card statement.

  • Axis Bank Credit Card Statement through Axis Mobile App:

First, download and log in to your Axis Mobile Application then enter the mPIN to open the dashboard of Axis bank account details. Now click on the Credit Card option then you can see the summary or Last Statement option, here you can access selected months transaction or statement records.

  • Axis Bank Credit Card Statement through Internet Banking:

By using the Axis bank internet banking option you can not only see your statement history but also can take the printout or save the statement in form of PDF format.

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